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Understanding the Design Build Process

When your designer is also your engineer and builder, you have one process and a single source for accountability.

You don't pay for theoretical designs and impractical suggestions, or for the time lost in coordinating your designer's work with a construction company's interpretation of the design.

Elevation drawing of a remodeling project.

How Design/Build Benefits You

A single source is accountable for quality, cost, and successful scheduling.

  • When a single source, like Adams Design Construction, is responsible for your project, you get better quality because the pressure for success is concentrated on one entity - and that's a great motivator.
  • Cost savings are made possible when all members of the design/build team, including the client, are included in the process from the beginning. That's because the team can evaluate alternative materials and methods and make choices without costly false starts. That also means you get accurate and firm cost estimates before the building begins.
  • When design and construction are integrated, you get time savings because you don't need to go through the search and bid process with two different organizations and you don't have to wait for design adjustments.
  • In fact with design/build you can start the project earlier - before all the paperwork is final - get done quicker, and save money as well as time.
  • You can focus more on making style and material decisions rather than on coordinating your designer with your builder.

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Design rendering showing what the completed remodel project could look like

A Little History

Up until the 1970s, the linear approach to building dominated in America. The client would hire an architect or designer and work out design plans. Then the client would get estimates from builders to do the plans. And then everyone would wait to see if the design worked. The builder generally had more knowledge of materials and time-saving building techniques than the architect, and could either save money by re-tailoring the plans to achieve the same goals with new materials or keep quiet and let the project move as the designer would have it.

Additional space was created for our customer on both levels of their home. Design and created by Adams Design Construction Madison WI

Sometime in the 1970s architects and builders began working together from the start of a project as a team, and that quickly developed into the Design/Build model where one organization encompasses all the functions needed for start-to-finish building.

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