Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

Mission Statement

The business of Adams Design Construction, Ltd. is:

Assisting home owners to enhance, expand and organize the comfort and value of their family's home.

Helping business enrich and organize the efficiency and prestige of their place of business.

Adams Design Construction, Ltd. accomplishes this by:

Providing innovative and unique design work that reflects your taste, lifestyle and goals.

Managing your project with comprehensive, start to finish, general contracting and project administration.

Clean, well organized construction services from people who respect you and your environment.

Company Ethics

Adams Design Construction, Ltd. is committed to
Intelligent Growth through Remarkable Service

The one word that describes our business and company ethic is:

a-lac-ri-ty   -noun cheerful readiness, promptness, willingness

A = Able:

We are qualified professionals, fully capable to do the work. We work to improve weak areas in ourselves, our co-workers and trade contractors.

L = Listen:

We listen to each other and our customers. We never jump to conclusion as to the other person's meaning, but always work towards understanding before we consider our reaction.

A = Accountable:

We are responsible to the company and our customers. We take responsibility for our actions.

C = Community:

We are involved in our community, giving of ourselves for community improvement.

R = Respectful:

We respect each other and our customers. We take care of our customer's possessions.

I = Integral:

Each one of us is an integral part of the business, and has a unique and important role in the success of our projects and our business.

T = Trustworthy:

We are honest and trustworthy.


We say yes to our goals, yes to our customers, yes to each other, yes to challenges, yes to problems and yes to our families.

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